State & Local Reopening Policies

3 months ago

Reopening Policies
Yesterday Governor Baker announced details regarding the State's reopening plan, which has the same guidelines for the entire state. However, as Mayor Curtatone previously announced, the rules in Somerville will be more restrictive to ensure that we can continue to protect our community's health. Mayor Curtatone announced yesterday the following elements of Somerville's reopening plan:

  • Curbside retail pickup can begin on Monday, May 25 (as allowed in the State plan).
  • Hospital and medical facilities have started resuming high-priority preventative care visits as of yesterday, and other medical providers will restart services on Monday, May 25 (as allowed in the State plan).
  • Non-essential construction started phasing in yesterday according to the plan Somerville announced two weeks ago.
  • All additional reopening steps remain on temporary hold as the City assesses the State plan in order to make sure those phases of the reopening are practical and safe for our community. This includes, for example, hair salons, houses of worship, and playgrounds.

In the meantime, we encourage businesses to review the State's Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces and start looking at the State's COVID-19 Control Plan template.

We know our businesses are trying to plan and need reopening information as soon as possible; we will share additional Somerville-specific guidelines once they are finalized. In addition, the City is also exploring tools like open-air dining and pick-up zones for curbside delivery to help our businesses scale up operations as safely and as quickly as possible.

Artist Survey from the Somerville Arts Council
The Somerville Arts Council has been moving quickly to establish new programs and resources to support Somerville's creative community, but is eager to do more. If you are an artist or otherwise participate in the creative economy, please fill out their 15-question survey.

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