Frequently Asked Questions

28 Sep 2020

When will these projects be implemented?

As these projects are being implemented to help the City and the region recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19, they are all meant to be implemented quickly (within the next 60-90 days).

What are the main elements of the projects?

Because of the desire to implement these projects quickly, so that the mobility improvements can start benefiting people, there is no major construction planned in most of them. The vast majority of the changes will be implemented with paint and signage to delineate priority bus lanes and new or improved bike facilities.

Part of the Washington Street - McGrath to Sullivan Square project is being implemented as part of the Greenline Extension and does include construction of a floating bus stop just east of Tufts Street.

Is on-street parking being removed?

Given that street space is limited and the City needs to try to use this space in the most efficient way possible to benefit as many people as possible, many times the implementation of bus and bike lanes results in the reallocation of street space from vehicle travel or parking lanes.

As these bus lane projects are designed, there will be public outreach and more information added to this website to clearly communicate any parking changes.

Is the street getting repaved or are the sidewalks getting redone as part of these projects?

No. None of these projects include street repaving or new sidewalks during this implementation. Only a handful of Somerville roadways are repaved each year. Washington Street, Holland Street, and College Avenue are on the list to repave in the coming years, so these quick-build improvements will help us plan what we should implement when these streets are repaved.

How will these projects impact my commute?

For pedestrians, reallocating roadway space to buses and bikes can act like a "road diet" and result in slower travel speeds for cars which creates safer conditions for walking and crossing streets. For bus riders, you could see time savings of up to 4 minutes on these various routes and more buses coming on time. For bicyclists, where possible, these projects incorporate safer on-street bike lanes, protected bike lanes, and more well-defined and clearly marked bicycle crossings.

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